Working in Homecare

What is Homecare?

As a home care assistant, you’ll offer support to individuals in their own homes. This support can involve personal care, household tasks, and any other activities that promote independence and a good quality of life. You will either visit individuals on your own or with another member of staff. 

What are the different roles in homecare? 

You’ll perform day-to-day tasks that an individual may struggle to do alone. Here are some examples of the duties you can expect to perform:

  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Cleaning
  • Getting dressed
  • Washing
  • Moving around the home

Home care work varies according to the individual's needs. Sometimes, you may offer care in the way of companionship, and other times, you may help an individual with housework, shopping, or by administering medication. Your role may vary widely depending on the needs of the individual you’re working with, and no two visits will be the same.

The benefits of working in homecare 

There are many benefits of working in homecare jobs, including:

  • Flexible working hours: Once your caseload is established, you can develop your own schedule around what works best for you and your patients. 
  • Build meaningful connections: When you work in homecare, you’ll spend a large number of one-on-one time with your patients. To them, you become a member of their family. You’ll never feel like you’re not making a lasting impact. 
  • Better pay: Most homecare workers need access to a vehicle. Rates of pay are usually higher to reflect additional expenses such as fuel, drive time, and unsociable working hours (if this applies to you). 

How can I get into homecare? 

Here at Kent Care Professionals, we are leading the homecare revolution. To develop your skills, find a new opportunity, or find home care jobs near you, contact us today to make a lasting difference. 

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