Why Work In Care?

Within the care sector, there are a variety of roles and opportunities available. So, if you’re just starting your care career or need a career change, there’s a whole host of options to consider.  

If you like variety and flexibility, then care work might be just the career for you. When you work in care, every day is different.

While there are over 500 CQC registered care providers in Kent county, every single one is unique. One thing remains the same, though — they all care and are passionate about what they do.

So if you’re wondering, “why do I want to work in care?”, take a look at just some of the reasons below.

Benefits of working in health and social care

Flexible working

One of the key reasons for applying for a care assistant job or any other care role is that it’s easy to find care work that suits you and your commitments. If you’re still studying for care qualifications or need to look after children in the school holidays, for example, you can choose the time that you spend working.

As well as flexible working times, the career path you choose is itself flexible. There’s a wide range of care jobs to choose from — Skills for Care highlights the variety here.

Training & development opportunities

If you’re just starting out, it can be reassuring to know that you don’t have to be fully qualified to begin work in the care sector. Many employers provide training on the job and, alongside this, there are plenty of training opportunities available — such as NVQs (up to Level 7 for managerial staff).

A job that makes a difference

Whatever role you are in, you can rest assured that you’re having an impact when working in health and social care. From Housekeeping roles to the Registered Manager, each job counts — the key is understanding the importance of this collaboration and symbiotic working environment.

There is no doubt that care work comes with its challenges – all jobs do. But when asked “why do you want to work in a care home?”, many carers cite that job satisfaction is what motivates them.

It’s clear that a significant reason why many gravitate towards working in health and social care is because of how rewarding it can be. After all, knowing you are making a difference to a person’s quality of life is something quite special.

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